A poem written by our Clinical Director, Samantha, about the difference that having a carer can make to the little things in someone’s life, from the perspective of an elderly person.

Feathered Friends

As I gaze out my window, what do I see?
An empty garden, where my feathered friends used to be.

I would enjoy seeing you flatter, around with glee
Now I am too frail to leave out your treats to see.

We would keep each other company, on those long summer days
But now the weather is cooler you stay away.

I miss your visits, my little feathered friends
I used to look forward to seeing you flying around the garden bends.

Then one day my carer said to me:
"Would you like a bird feeder that you can hang on your tree?"
The thought had merit, my heart skipped a beat -
Oh little feathered friends, would we again meet?

My carer without trouble or fuss
Put up my bird feeder next to my garden bush.

It didn’t take long for you to come and see
That back in my garden, you love it to be.

Because now you can eat, and I can gaze,
It brings such happiness, that breaks up my long lonely days.

My feathered friends are back,
I have something to look forward to each day.
I love that you have returned to visit me
And I hope you will stay.

My feathered friends,
My carers will take care of you, as they do me,
Because now I am too frail, to leave your food out on the tree.

Just seeing your enjoyment
As you eat, play and fly
Makes my lonely time pass quickly by.

So each day that passes
My little feathered friends,
Your visits bring me so much joy,
That I hope never ends. 

(Samantha Houdmont)


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